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Traditional Chinese Medicine offers us a framework for understanding the energetic aspects of ourselves via meridians. This workshop offers the opportunity to focus on the nature of these energy pathways, their existence, what the meridians are, where they are located, why and how to use them in yoga and massage.

Exploring these intrinsic natural energies within us helps us to understand their influence and motivating forces in our lives. For Yoga teachers, this is an opportunity to expand or deepen your energetic understanding of teaching and for yogi’s to dive deeper into the development of their practice.

*Understanding the Elements will give you a clear sense of the Five Elements of TCM: What and where the meridians are, their qualities and expressions. You will leave with tools you can use in daily life to bring balance and upliftment to your energy.

This offers the opportunity for yoga teachers to further their relationship with the energetic aspect of asana practice.

Cost: $65

This session is just one of a fabulous weekend of ZenThai sessions which you can find out more about by clicking the links below. There are package bookings available for day or weekend passes. Click here to purchase.

Five Elements Class - Sat 27 April 11am

Tools of Touch - Sun 28 April 11am

Hands on Health - Sun 28 April 2pm

Jeremy is a trained Yoga Teacher and qualified ZenThai Shiatsu massage therapist and ZenThai facilitator. A proud kiwi residing in Brisbane, where he teaches Traditional Chinese Medicine-influenced yoga classes, aimed at correcting energetic imbalances and works as a Zenthai therapist helping his clients tie in the benefits of therapy and yoga, enabling clients to self heal.

Dee is also trained in ZenThai and is a senior yoga teacher, Teacher trainer and mentor with Ashram Yoga in New Zealand.