Introductory offers

New students to Yoga Ground can purchase three classes for $30.  You have three weeks to use these from the date of purchase.  We also have a one-off deal on our one month unlimited pass.  One month unlimited classes for just $79 (usually $165)

Mats and Props

Are free to use.  We have everything you need for class including mats, blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets.  There is no additional charge for using these.  If you do have your own mat then feel free to bring it though.  


We have a water fountain and we sell water bottles you can fill, should you forget yours.

What to wear

Wear something that you feel comfortable in and can move freely in.  You do not need fancy leggings and branded clothing to do yoga!!!  In the colder months its a good idea to bring a layer to put on at the beginning and end of class.  For Restorative, Yin and Yoga nidra classes you may like to bring some cozy socks.

We don't wear shoes in the studio.  You can leave these on the racks at the door or pop them in the cubbies inside.

Booking and payment

Please pre-book class via the online booking system or Mindbody app.  Don't worry if you can't make it, we don't charge you! The class goes back on your pass or your account for use another time.  BUT we do appreciate you cancelling in advance wherever possible to ensure that others can join.

We do accept drop-ins to class but if the class is super busy you may have to wait to ensure that there is a spot.  Pre-booked students will get priority. 

Cancelling out of a class

Please do always try to cancel ahead of time if you can't make a class.  It frees up your place for another student and helps the teacher to know how many will be arriving. 

This is how you do it... 

If you booked using the Mindbody app, click on the “Schedule” link, click on the class you won’t be attending and tap the “Cancel button” to cancel your class.

If you booked through the YG website/Mindbody website then login to your account, click on the “Schedule” tab, and click “Cancel” to update your schedule.

Note: this does not apply to workshops/events/courses.  You must email if you would like to cancel out of these and most are subject to a 24-48 hour cancellation policy whereby no refund is offered for cancellations/no-shows within that timeframe.  The terms for cancellation will be specified on our website and booking is acceptance of these terms.

Paying for your classes/passes

Ideally you will buy your passes and pre-book your classes online.  If however, you want to purchase in studio just be aware we accept cash and have EFTPOS but only for debit cards, no credit sorry! 

Online transactions will appear on your statement from Ezidebit.  They are subject to a 2.95% transaction fee.  Please be sure that you have sufficient funds, as declined payments are subject to a dishonour fee imposed by Ezidebit.  The authorisation of payments can take 24 hours or more so do ensure the funds will be there for that duration to avoid a bounced payment.

Passes start on the date of your first visit so can be pre-purchased ahead of time.  

Passes are for use by one person only and are not to be shared.

Style of Yoga

You can see a description of our class styles here


Students of Yoga Ground may park in the Little Engines designated car parks only for the purposes of attending a Yoga Ground class and only at the following times:
Before 715am weekdays
After 4pm weekdays
Any time at weekends
Parking there outside of these hours is bad karma and you risk being towed.

Studio Etiquette

The studio is a space of sanctuary and calm and whilst we love a good chat and absolutely want build this community, we try to keep our pre-class chat to a minimum, keeping voices low, and allowing other students their peace.

When arriving (coming up the stairs and waiting outside the studio) please do so quietly, mindful that there is often a class before yours and the students may be in meditation or savasana.

Please show respect to your fellow yogis and their practice and arrive on time for class.  Late arrivals disrupt both students and the teacher.  We prefer that you stay for the duration of class, as savasana is where the real benefits take place, however, if you do need to leave early, please do so quietly and before savasana not half way through.

Please do not walk on other people's mats.

To honour the energy and group dynamic please do not perform a practice that is markedly different to that being offered by the teacher. Modifications are great and very welcome but if you want to do your own thing please do that at home.

We have a strict no mobile use policy in the studio.  Please do not take calls or text before, after or during class.  Please wait until you are outside to do this.  Please turn off your mobile phones completely in the studio.  Do not just switch it on silent, as vibrating phones are also distracting for students near to the cubby holes. 

Please remove any jangly jewellry.

Lastly, please check your odours... good and bad!  Any strong smells can be offensive to other students, including perfumes.


Our classes are for 16 years and over and we do not have childcare facilities.  

GST number

Our GST number is 118-142-616 should you need it to claim back as a business expense.

Bank account number

If you need to transfer money to use for any reason this is our account number. Be sure to include your surname and item as reference. 12 3048 0028655 00