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Join us to put the tools of touch into action! This is an opportunity to offer open hearted, hands on massage treatment to those you know and love.

Learn a 45 minute full body, fully clothed, take home massage sequence that encourages the removal of stagnant blockages and supports the free flow of energy.

No previous experience is necessary. This is an opportunity for any body interested in connecting more deeply via their sense of touch. An opportunity for hands on heart opening experience.

*Hands-on Health will teach you a  take home 45 minute general whole body treatment, designed to bring balance to the body and it's energies. You will learn, perform, and receive the treatment sequence, as well as receive take home notes and video to support your continued sharing with others.

Cost: $65

This session is just one of a fabulous weekend of ZenThai sessions which you can find out more about by clicking the links below. There are package bookings available for day or weekend passes. Click here to purchase.

Five Elements Class - Sat 27 April 11am

Understanding the Elements - Sat 27 April 1pm

Tools of Touch - Sun 28 April 11am

Jeremy is a trained Yoga Teacher and qualified ZenThai Shiatsu massage therapist and ZenThai facilitator. A proud kiwi residing in Brisbane, where he teaches Traditional Chinese Medicine-influenced yoga classes, aimed at correcting energetic imbalances and works as a Zenthai therapist helping his clients tie in the benefits of therapy and yoga, enabling clients to self heal.

Dee is also trained in ZenThai and is a senior yoga teacher, Teacher trainer and mentor with Ashram Yoga in New Zealand.