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Maren is back for short visit and excited to be facilitating a sound journey with us while she is here.

Join her for a beautiful sound healing session using sound through voice, harmonics and rhythm; honouring the fact that each organism and everything in the Universe has its own unique frequency. 

Sound affects every single cell of our body and a specific drum beat, as well as the vibrations of the gong, help us to completely relax and let go. 

Only then are are we open to hear the subtle voice of our soul over the shouting voice of our Ego and to receive guidance, that will help us on our path. 

You will spend most of the time laying down so that you can fully relax and are open to receive healing, guidance and inspiration. 

We have lots of mats, blankets and cushions so you can make yourself comfortable and at home in the space, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Cost: $25

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