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There's a steady candleflame burning in your heart... come sing its light even brighter!

Join Kiri Schumacher and special guests for this uplifting evening of kirtan and meditation.

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If you have not heard of/experienced Kirtan before it is the ancient yogic practice of devotional singing.  Typically, the lead singer will sing/chant a mantra (with or without musical accompaniment) and the group will repeat it back (call and response).  It's lots of fun and you will leave feeling alive and connected. 

You don't have to be a good singer!  In fact, you can even just come along and enjoy the sounds and sensations if you like.  Bathing in the vibrational energy that is created is heart-warming and healing in itself.

We have cushions and blankets for you to use but do feel free to bring whatever you need to be comfortable.

It is just $12 for this wonderful evening of soulful song.  Kids are free!