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Tao of Yin with Truth Robinson

The Tao means the path or the way, it is the process of letting the unnecessary fall away so the necessary may speak.

Join Dr. Truth Robinson (TCM) for a 2 hour journey of self enquiry to ignite the fire of truth within through the wisdom of Lao Tzu. Each step of this yin yoga class is designed to unfold you into the highest expression of your being.

This juicy yin yoga class will include breathwork, journalling, meditation and Kirtan. Bring an open mind to this blissful and transformational yin yoga journey to the depths of your heart. 

Cost: just $39

Note: due to the popularity of this course cancellations and no-shows cannot be refunded. 

About Truth

Truth’s yoga journey began with Ashtanga (Patabhi Jois, India) in Brighton & Edinburgh, UK. Then over the next several years spent significant time studying Agama Tantric Yoga (Thailand), Sivananda Yoga (India), Iyengar Yoga (India) until finally settling in Satyananda Yoga of the Bihar School of Yoga, the world’s first Yoga University based in Munger, India, started by Sw. Satyananda a foremost disciple of Sw. Sivananda. In 2011, Truth formally completed a 2 year and 1,500+ hour Diploma of Satyananda Yoga Teaching, which delved deeply into pranayama, chanting, bhandas, meditation and philosophy.

A few years of teaching inspired a shift to the healing arts and he completed a degree to become a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2014. Since graduating, Truth has become a registered and practicing Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist.

Through the rich tapestry of experiences and his varied education, Truth has become a passionate yin yoga teacher. Completed his yin teacher training with Jo Phee, a foremost student of Paul Grilley and Sarah Powers, he since been influenced heavily by Bernie Clark and Duncan Peak's functional anatomy. Through his extensive Chinese medicine training Truth has developed a unique style of yin yoga theory based on the Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperors Classic) and his study with Dr. Wang (China) and Dr. Robertson (USA). Truth’s classes leave you feeling energised and inspired to make significant changes mentally and physically in your life. 

Through his education, his style has developed to ensure that students receive a physically complete practice developing strength and endurance along with flexibility, and therefore helping individuals to become fit through the practice of Yoga. Whilst also looking deeper into the individual and offering an opportunity to realise the True self through developing inner stillness