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DEEP REST + STILLNESS - A Savasana Workshop with Laura Dueker

Are you ready to explore and experience the essence of yoga’s most transformative pose?

In today’s world, finding stillness and deep rest by withdrawing yourself from external stimulation and distraction is radical and confronting; yet with most things in life that are challenging, they are also hugely rewarding. Slowing down and taking time out to just ‘be’ rather than ‘do’, removed from the constant chatter of our monkey-mind is essential to restoring our energy and come closer to our true ‘essence of being.’

Inspired by the teachings of Judith Hanson Lasater & Lizzie Lasater who refer to savasana as ‘the tadasana of restorative yoga’ you are invited to spend an afternoon with Laura Dueker, exploring theory & technique of yoga’s most powerful pose: Savasana.

In this workshop you will learn

• Why savasana is deemed yoga’s most transformative pose
• The function of the nervous system and its rest & digest (PNS) response in relation to restorative yoga practices
• 3-4 different savasana variations including logistics and intelligent prop set up to support your entire body
• Physical and energetic effects and benefits of savasana
• The three stages of savasana
• Conditions of the mind (Obstacles to deep rest)
• Settling breathing techniques to support your transition into savasana

Whether you’re a student or teacher, you are sure to leave this workshop with practical inspiration to implement into your practice or teaching.

We have all the props you will need but do bring a notebook and if you have your own eye pillow and/or blanket you would like to use you are welcome to bring it

Cost: $39

For more info about Laura and her experience click here

Note: due to the popularity of this course we have a 36-hour cancellation policy.  Cancellations within this timeframe and no-shows cannot be refunded.