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Join Kyleigh's special full moon yoga class on Wednesday 14th December at 6pm.

Around the time of the full moon, we can often feel restless and/or slightly 'out of sorts'.  We may also experience interrupted sleep patterns.  As a result, it can be wonderfully beneficial to take this time to slow down and allow your body to rejuvenate.  

A full moon practice is a gentle Hatha flow practice that is quiet and mindful.  Traditionally it is done blind-folded to encourage pratayahara (removal of the senses) which helps us to shut off from the external and bring our focus within.  We don't use blindfolds in our classes but encourage you to practice with your eyes closed or with a dropped gaze for a similar effect.

Come along and experience this lovely, calming and grounding class.  No experience necessary!  $20 casual class and concession passes accepted.

These classes occur during the week of every full moon so look out for the notifications here on this page and Facebook.