This workshop with Susie Spiller and Irina Borowski is a chance to deepen into compassion + resilience for body, mind + soul.

The session is an introduction to compassionate communication / non-violent communication.  It is a foundation in creating and expressing authentic connection with self and others.

Ahimsa (nonviolence) is one of the 8 limbs of yoga.  Learn practices to integrate balance, as how we breathe, move, rest and nourish impacts how we think, feel + see our world. 

The day includes lunch + afternoon tea + a take home ferment culture (value $30.00) + recipes for tasty affordable food - fermented food that will support connection to inner wisdom.

Cost: $120 or early bird price $100 (book and paid before 14th May)

To book please transfer the fee too:
Acc no: 03 0156 0020008 000

Enquiries welcome via Susie 021 770107 or Irina 021023295