Our Restorative Yoga workshops have been really popular and we are now able to support you in further establishing your practice and experiencing the benefits of Restorative Yoga via our 8-week course format.

Tuesdays @ 7.30 - 8.45pm with Clare Roberts: starts Tuesday 5 September 2017

Investment: $175

Restorative Yoga is a gentle, accessible, adaptable and profound practice. The course will be progressive, each session building on the last. Sessions will also have particular themes including:

-         Introduction to Restorative Yoga

-          Restorative Yoga and Breath

-          Upper Back, Neck and Shoulders

-          Restorative Yoga and Regulation

-          Discernment and skilfully selecting your Yoga Practice

Each session will include a gentle movement sequence as well as time in Restorative Yoga postures. Care will be taken with setting up postures with appropriate props to ensure effective positioning, comfort and overall effect.  Join us for a practice of deep self-care.