We have two yoga classes for young people.  Read on for 6-10 years, or click here for 11-16 years...

Our yoga classes for 6-10 year olds run at the same time each week for eight weeks - Wednesdays 3.30 - 4.30pm.

This is a class series, so drop-ins are welcome!  It is structured so kids can join in at any time.  You can sign them up for any number of the classes or just bring them along.  We do recommend they come to all 8 if possible in order to learn and experience as much as possible and build a consistent practice.

Yoga is a fantastic practice for children and young people.  Our Kids after school courses will offer a playful, non-competitive environment, which fosters creativity, self-awareness and a team approach to Yoga. 

The weekly classes will be child friendly, play based and incorporate individual kids interests. Each session will follow a similar format, beginning with a movement based warm up promoting regulation and readiness to engage in the session. This will be followed by practice of asana (postures) age appropriate breathing practices, yoga inspired games and partner/ group yoga.

Sessions will finish with varying relaxation/ meditation practices. Kids will be encouraged to integrate these into home and school life.  This course is family friendly; parents and caregivers please feel free to contact us with any questions. 

Clare Roberts and Eridani Baker will be teaching the classes.  Clare completed a children's speciality teacher training with Samadhi Yoga.  Eridani's children/teens training was through the ICYER (international centre for yoga research) India.   

The next series is open for booking, dates are below.  Investment: $125 per course / per student for the 8-weeks or $16 for a drop in rate per class.

Term Four: 18th October - 6th December 2017